Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's autumn...and I'm busy.

Well I officially moved into my new apartment yesterday and spent my first night there.  It's so cute!  Yes, it is full to the ceilings with all of my stuff but it will look wonderful when it is finished and I cannot wait for it.  My kitties are adjusted, it took a little for Riley (the boy) because he's a sissy and his sister Nova went right for it.  It was fun to watch them check out the new scene.

The Job is keeping me busy as usual, they are traveling a lot these next few months which usually means not so crazy but with Christmas coming that means double the work.  And to add on top of that my co-worker is leaving us starting at the end of November and instead of hiring another assistant I am going to be taking on her responsibilities for the other half of my Job.  Soooo....that means a lot of work for me.  I'm so excited for it!  It's going to be completely nuts but I cannot even explain to you how pumped I am.  I'll keep you updated on how that progresses. 

With so many weddings and trips for myself this season I kind of feel like I'm being pulled into many directions, in a good way though.  Getting to go home two weekends ago, heading up to Ojai this last week/weekend and now leaving for Little Rock in two weeks is super exciting.  I may even throw in another trip home if I can swing it, hopefully for Thanksgiving if the prices drop on flights.  So fricken expensive!  I did find out though that I get a full 2.5 weeks off for Christmas, December 19 - January 4.  Yes!  I'll get to go to Minneapolis and Chicago hopefully in that time too to see good friends, cannot wait.

I hope you're all doing fabulously well, and know that I miss you and think of you daily.  Let me know how you're doing eh?  Can't wait to hear from you, lots of love, xoxo

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Carrie said...

Your blog is fun to read! We hope to come and visit sometime!! Congrats on getting more responsibilities--we know you can handle it and will do a great job!! Hope you enjoy your new place. We think of you often! Love, The Donatelles & Shateks