Monday, August 11, 2008


Well it hasn't stopped since I left last June.  The whirlwind tour of the US and back again to LA.  Literally within the hour of being back in LA my friend Ethan flew into LAX to stay for the week.  We had a blast!  I took him around the city, ran my errands for work, hung out at the beach, hit the farmers market.  It was great!  Then overlapping by a day I had 3 more friends come into visit, yeah...that was a lot of people in my little one bedroom apartment!

This last saturday we went to the Hollywood Cemetery where they show old movies up on this big screen outside in the park.  There were TONS of people there, at least over 1000.  Everyone had blankets and picnics and wine.  It was great.  They showed 16 Candles, great movie eh?  After the movie I drove them to my friend's apartment that I watched the Celtics/Lakers games at in Hollywood.  They got to meet my great group of friends here, they really got along, which was awesome.  We all went out to Happy Endings, a great little bar just down the street.  Good dancing, great drinks and wonderful company equals a fantastic night out in LA.  After the bar we went back to the apt. to listen to Cody and Nick play guitar and serenade us all with their ridiculously hilarious songs they write.  So great!

As much as hosting is fun, it is tiring too.  I feel like I literally haven't stopped moving since June 26.  Even though the Vineyard is so relaxing and peaceful, living out of a suitcase always adds a little extra stress and energy to any situation.  It feels great to be back though.  I've missed this city, and I am so excited to keep getting to know it.  For this week, though, I'll continue my hosting to my lovely Little Rock friends :) 


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