Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Vineyard life.

So relaxed.  This place, I swear, makes me sleep harder and better than anywhere I've ever slept before.  The Job took off and I'm house/dogsitting for the next week.  It has been great being here, although it can get a little lonely at times, it's been a nice change.  A good time to think.

Sonja and Owen are coming out here tomorrow!  A friend of mine here lent us quite the load of baby toys/equipment, so nice!  Owen's three favorite things right now are: water, sand and trucks.  Well we have a beach so that takes care of two of those things.  And I guess we'll have to find him a play truck out here somewhere :).

I hope you all are doing great.  I will update again once I'm back in LA after going home next week for my bday.  I'll actually be able to be in LA for more than a week this time, maybe even 3!  Miss you, xoxo

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