Thursday, November 13, 2008

A solo act.

Hello all.  To go off of my last blog, YES!  WAY TO GO USA! Doesn't it feel good? :)

Starting Monday I will officially be performing a solo act for the Job.  My coworker is leaving all of us and instead of hiring someone new to fill her position I will be taking over both positions.  Yes, yes, it does sound a little daunting...but so exciting at the same time!  It will be a challenge to manage the time for both of them but I am confident that I can do it.  The weekends will be my recharging time, and I will need them, definitely.

Isn't it nuts how Thanksgiving and the holiday season just crept up on all of us??  I can't get over it!  Thanksgiving is two weeks away from today, crazytown.  I, unfortunately, will not be going home for turkey day but am very excited to go to the Job's house for the day.  Their family and friends are wonderful and I am so thankful that they invited me to Ojai to share the day with them.  

I am, however, spending two weeks at home over Christmas and New Years!  Very excited for that!  Many of my closest friends will be in town, even those who are very far away! Cannot wait! I just booked the ticket yesterday and I am so excited to get back to Madison.  Wooo!  I hope all is well wherever you are, I miss you, xoxo.

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