Thursday, January 15, 2009

A heat wave, a little travel

Wow has it been hot here. (Not rubbing that in, of course, to my lovely family and friends in the north.) But holy man, pushing 90 the last few days. My body wasn't ready for that. But, I can't lie, I enjoyed it fully.

Besides spending some seriously vital time on the beach Sunday my week has been pretty busy. I'm heading to Little Rock today for work, and a little bit for pleasure, and will be coming back just two days from now on Saturday. It'll be a nice, quick trip back, to get my dose of Little Rock for a few months. Hopefully I won't freeze to death there too, I hear it's 11 degrees today! No way jose!

I hope you're all well, keep in touch. Xxxxxooooo

PS: don't ask about the picture, just a little fun

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