Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wowza, what a whirlwind last month!  Christmas preparation at work was totally nuts as well as taking over both of the jobs at work instead of just the one...definitely added to the stress.  But all in all the weeks leading up to Christmas went surprisingly smooth, what a relief!

I took off for home on the 20th only to have quite the interesting travel day on my way there.  Let's just say it got off to a rocky start but somehow luck was on my side and I made it on two standby flights and made it in late that night.  No idea how, but I did it.  I spent the next week literally lying around my mom's or my sister's house.  It. Was. Wonderful.  All I wanted to do that week was see my family and just hang out with my nephew, who, by the way, is the CUTEST thing EVER.  AAAnnnnnddddd my sister is pregnant again!  He/she is due almost a week before my birthday this July, how great!!!??

The next week I spent gallivanting around the Midwest.  I went up to Minneapolis and was able to see my aunt and cousin which was awesome.  I missed seeing them at Thanksgiving so it was great to catch up over lunch.   Then I spent the next two days and nights spending some super great quality time with friends from college.  Friend, Mere, Abby, Sarah, Brando, Garv, Pete, Bob, and new friends Laura and Meghan...couldn't have been better!  Honestly, it was rockin.  Then we ladies 'sped' off to Madison for a night, and by sped I mean spent 8 hours in what would have been a 4 hour car ride to Madison from Mpls.  We woke up at Abby's to the best omelette I've ever eaten and took off in the sweetest AstroVan (provided by Swan's dad) I've ever been in to Chicago for New Years Eve.  Yes, I said AstroVan.  Amazing. It's the only word to describe it.  

New Years was rockin, our hotel was literally around the corner from the club we went to for the night.  We started off at the Red Head bar for a martini where we were the youngest ones there by probably 20 years, it was hilarious.  Then we headed off to the club for the rest of the night.  It was really fun, we danced our high heeled shoes off!  The countdown to 2009 was great, they did this huge montage to 2008 on a bunch of big screens around the place.  Everything from the hottest music videos and celebs to politics was highlighted.  They then put Obama's face up on the screen and the entire place erupted, it was unreal!

Well, I guess that recaps my break as well as I could.  I'm back in LA now getting into the swing of working again.  It was a long day haha, not used to full 8 hour days quite yet.  I'm heading to Little Rock next week for two days for work so it'll be great to see everyone there.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  I miss all of you dearly! xoxo

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