Monday, August 3, 2009

Vineyard life, once again.

Beautiful Martha's Vineyard.  There really is no other place like it.  Every where you look it seems as though you are looking at pictures in a calendar.  It's that beautiful.

I've been here since a week ago last Thursday and will be leaving on Saturday to go spend some time with my family in Madison.  Cannot wait for that.  It was really great having my mom out here with me this last week, she made it not as lonely.  It can feel a little isolating at times here, only because the simple conveniences we are used to aren't right down the street.  They're a half an hour trek across the island, and usually they are hard to find.  

The island almost has a feeling of stepping back in time.  No fast food restaurants, no chains.  People drive slow and let pedestrians have the right of way.  Everything moves at the 'vineyard' pace.  Which can be an incredible escape from Los Angeles, where it is the exact opposite.  But, I guess I'm looking for something kind of in the middle.  Big city meets old world charm.  Does it exist?  If so, please let me know where!

Three of my girlfriends and I have started a book club via iChat.  We just started reading Julie and Julia (most of you know it as the movie coming out soon with Meryl Streep) and had our first web chat last night, or should I say our first meeting.  It was wonderful!  It has been really great to be able to see their faces on an almost daily basis.  Makes home and friends not feel so far away.  Thank you technology for making that possible.

For now I will just say that I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet as much as I can.  Soak it in.  I know next week at home will be hustle and bustle and then LA will be 500 times that.  I hope everyone is doing lovely, and I hope to talk/see all of you very soon!

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