Thursday, July 30, 2009


Another year totally flew by.  Where is time going?!

This last year has been kind of amazing, oh yes, it's had it's ups and downs, but all in all a great year.  My job has been keeping me busy and it's still as cool as ever.  I'm currently in Martha's Vineyard watching the doggies while my bosses are back in LA for some work.  After being here for two weeks I will set out for Madison where I get to meet my new nephew, Cole Patrick Preimesberger.  Cannot wait!

It's a little strange to think that I've been living in Los Angeles for over a year.  Who would've thought, eh?  The little girl who once had big dreams of Los Angeles or New York City finally made it out to one of them, successfully, not the starving artist she always thought she would be.  Oh how times have changed.  Life is funny like that, you really never know how things will turn out.

Sorry to be brief, but I gotta go enjoy my birthday down in Vineyard Haven, a cute little town on the coast where you can find the neatest bookstore, the creamiest ice cream and the best sunsets on the island.  


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