Monday, December 7, 2009

Home for the holidays

It's been almost 3 months since my last post, I'm sorry about that. Life has been nutty, but in a good way.

I'm still in Los Angeles, and actually loving it. I have a new job serving at a super fun restaurant. Absolutely love my co-workers which makes for fun shifts. I'm currently enrolled in a class that hopefully will help push me in the right direction for what I hope to do next in life. And hopefully it will help turn around a little more can only hope.

I'm heading home for Christmas in less than two weeks and will be home for just over a week. Cannot wait to see everyone again. I was just home about a month ago for a surprise visit, it was amazing. Definitely needed, and definitely surprised the family. I cannot wait to help Owen and Cole (beautiful nephews!) open their presents, especially because it's Cole's first Christmas!

Friends far away from me seem to be doing well. Mere is heading to Kenya to volunteer for two months starting in February and I am more than excited for her. There are no words to describe how proud I am of her making this huge leap and going for what she has wanted to do for so long. Friend is still in NYC getting back on her feet, and as the same for Mere, I am so incredibly proud of her. She's doing it for herself, making it work, and figuring life out on her own. Abby is kickin' it in Madison but is looking ahead to Grad School in London for next fall, so fun!

I will try to update when I'm home on all the happenings. Much love to all,

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