Thursday, March 13, 2008

I expected everyone to be skinny.

Ok so I really wrote this last night but...I didn't get a chance to post it til tonight, sorry!

It really is funny to think about everyone's misconceptions and crazy ideas about what Los Angeles and Hollywood really are. You imagine it to be like what you see in movies and on TV...and it is, sometimes. Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway is a completely surreal experience. Looking at Sony Studios and thinking about all of the amazingly talented people that have been through there, especially back when it was MGM Studios. But in all reality Los Angeles is just like any other huge, major city...just throw in the Tinseltown flare and there you go.

Honestly though, I have to admit that I thought everyone would be skinny and way too tan out here. I know, it's an awful stereotype of LA everyone in Kentucky marries their cousin, but I admit...I thought it true. And yeah, I'd say that the general population is skinnier than anywhere I've ever lived, disregarding Buenos Aires of course (where the average height and weight of a woman is like 5 feet nothing, 95 pounds). The overall concept of 'health' and 'fitness' is HUGE out here...and I LOVE IT. I don't have to explain what gluten is when I go to a restaurant. I asked a simple question kind of leading up to my gluten-intolerance schpeal at the cutest little organic restaurant called Simple Greens but before I even finished my question the guy goes "Do you have a gluten-allergy?" In my head I'm screaming, "I love you! Thank you for understanding me!" Haha.

Right now I am sitting in a newfound wine bar in Culver City. I had a couple of hours to myself tonight so I hit the Trader Joe's, did some walking/sightseeing, and found this quirky, cute place. I came in originally because they were playing Imogen Heap super intrigued me. Not many people, let alone restaurants/bars, know about Imogen...she's like this hidden unbelievably talented artist that everyone should know. And after one glass of some Spanish white wine and seome serious people watching I'm ready to start another day in this new, and very surreal, city.

(I started, and finished, that day today, and loved every minute of it!)

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