Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When you travel there is always that euphoric excited/nervous feeling that goes hand in hand together. Whether it's 90% excited, 10% nervous or vice versa it's a great feeling. When you finally get packed, get in the car, drive to the airport and get checked in, the minutes you have to wait until you can actualoly start your voyage feel like hours ( and sometimes are). Depending on where you are departing from you can kind of gauge how long you'll need before your flight to get checked in, go through security, etc. Well from the Little Rock Nat.'l Aiport you honestly never know. This morning I got to the airport the usual 1-1.5 hours early and it took me no more than 10 minutes to get through it all and sitting down with my soy latte writing this. The last time I cam through, however, it took me almost the full hour to get all of it done. You never can tell.

Well getting back to what I was originally talking about, the euphoric feeling of going somewhere new or somewhere familiar. I feel like that euphoria is put on pause when you're just sitting, waiting for the plane to get here and board. Don't get me wrong I am still completely euphoric about going but that feeling takes a different form for a bit. It's like the calm before the storm. You have no idea what's coming or what's in store, all you know is that it's going to turn your world a good way, of course.

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