Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok, ok, I'll blog

Yah yah I know it's been a bit, but I've been outta town ok? So I have decided that I'm going to call my job that I'm taking out in Los Angeles 'the Job'. I don't really want to name the names of the people I'm working for or really say that much about it because out of courtesy to them I don't think its fair to do so. So....with that said, I will talk about the Job, a lot probably, because that's going to be consuming my life starting in May but discretely of course. For those of you who know the history of the Job and know who I'm working for and what I will be starting to do in May you're all set, for those of you who don't you can either ask me or just try to guess what I'm talking about through all of this. So yeah, that's that.

As for my time out in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, holy man. I cannot even tell you how great it was! And I can honestly tell you I AM GOING TO LOVE MY JOB. I am so pumped for it to start. And it's only about 6 weeks away, whoa! I should be heading out there with Rex by about the second week in May. The Job is flying him out there to help me move in and to make sure that he knows where I'll be and who I'll be working with, etc...basically for him just to feel comfy with what I'll be doing out there. How great right? They are AMAZING people.

After coming home from that extravagant adventure I left not four days later to drive home to Madison for a week with Rex. The road trip, through the night I have to add, was really fun. We had a great time just keeping each other awake, laughing, a lot. We got to surprise my mom and sister too, they thought we were getting in later that night. And what a great welcome we received that night...we got snowed in!!! It's a good thing we were having a few beers at my sister and brother in-law's place and we were able to just crash there to wake up and make a tasty breakfast with my wonderfully amazingly nephew, Owen. I'll put some pics up of him..and hopefully I can finagle putting a video of him up too...the funniest thing I've ever seen.

So yeah, that's my life up until now. Oh yeah, I'm done working at the Cafe. It was a great run, but I need this next month to write a lot of Spanish and just be relaxed about leaving. Besides that I'm getting ready to get back into the swing of things tomorrow. Just finished my lesson plan for the week and I just found out I don't have to do any homework for tomorrow, woo! Hope everyone is doing great, I'd love to hear your stories. :)

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