Monday, April 21, 2008


Stress can do funny things to people.  Many people chain smoke, shut down, go crazy, drink a lot of coffee (or alcohol for some), vent for hours, hide.  You name it, people react in totally different ways to stress.  
I'm what you call the 'shut-downer'.  People who know me well enough know that when I'm stressing over something, regardless of whether I know what it is or not, I shut down.  I become this quiet little being.  It's not like I'm trying to be quiet, I just am.  I don't feel like talking, smiling, doing...anything.  No idea why I am like that, but it's a package deal so take it or leave it, right?

This last week has been a stressful one.  Realizing that I now only have 2.5 weeks til I leave and then realizing how much fricken school work I have to do until then just put me over the edge.  It's remarkable how fast things come up.  Like these two 15 page papers that I was supposed to have been working on for quite some time now...yeah they are due in two weeks.  Better get my butt moving on that one...or those two.  Damn.

I feel like stress could be a blessing in disguise though as well.  I mean, all of this stress is really making me do things.  Of course that is after I get over my quiet-don't-talk-at-all-do-nothing phase.  I have been really productive with writing and getting my major presentation in order.  So that's good.  It also has made me really get on things with 'closing relationships', as I called it in my last blog.  I just posted my going away party invites on facebook and it looks like most everyone can make it, which rocks.  It'll be a great way for me to see everyone right before I take off.  A little sun, some beach volleyball, maybe a few beers, the best company and definitely some grilling out.  Could you ask for any more in a going away party?  I think not. (Well maybe having my friends/family from afar to join me, then that would be perfect.)

So for now I say to you, if you are closing a semester (or career) of school, good luck, and congrats on making it through another one (or the whole one, which in that case CONGRATS!).  As for me, I'll be stressing my way through these next two weeks, frantically typing and over-caffeinated at all times.  Peace.

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Swan Dwan said...

Chin up Butter Cup! Don't stress Swan :) Stiff upper lip, stout fella. Keep muddlin' through... Carry on through thick and thin...let your fighting spirit win...FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
Big Hugs and Lots o' Love,