Monday, May 5, 2008

It's about that time.

Well the goodbye party has come and gone, and now I'm left with only one final and two papers, which thankfully are both done.  The final however is on Wednesday, talk about a buzz kill for the week.

This weekend was wonderful, just what I wanted for a send off party.  We went out to Murray Park which is down on the Arkansas River.  We grilled out, had tons of food, played beach volleyball, bocce ball, and frisbee.  (Almost) everyone was there that I wanted to catch before I left.  No worries though, hopefully I'll be back around the good ol' Rock sooner rather than later and I can see everyone once again.  

Well it's here.  Friday.  The day of moving.  Weird!  It has come up so fast!  I'm shipping my bins, full of all my stuff, on Wednesday...or tomorrow if I can pull everything together.  And they should be there by Monday or Tuesday!  That should work out perfectly with getting my own apartment.  Thankfully I have a wonderful friend of mine out there helping me look at apartments, she's been a lifesaver!  So that will cut down on my time having to go hunt a perfect apartment down in the first few days of being out there, thankfully.  Saturday, though, it's all business.  Rex and I are doing some major apartment seeing/hunting and hopefully we can score one that I love by the end of the day so we can get into one ASAP.  

This will probably be the last blog before I get out there, and I apologize if one doesn't come super soon after that.  I will be going through crazy-town in the first week out there but I promise I will do my best to get one up as soon as I can.  

Other than that, I hope all of you are wonderful and well!  Can't wait to hear from you!  The next time you 'see' or hear from me I'll be a Californian, whoa!

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Kim said...

We enjoyed visiting with you, Rex and Matt. You guys brighten tickle my heart!
Have a wonderful adventure!
You and Rex have fun in Hollywoodland.
Take care!