Saturday, May 17, 2008

And I'm Settled. Almost.

Well I made it!  I guess I should say 'we' made it, referring to Rex and myself.  The trip out was great, kind of a long flight, but you'll have that when you fly halfway across the country.  The week was amazing with Rex.  He was such a great apartment-finder helper!  We lucked out on a great one too, I'm sitting in it right now.  On a very retro-looking couch too, I might add.  

While Rex was here this last week we mainly looked for apartments and hung out.  Got some great food, went down to the ocean, ate some cherries at a farmers market, and got to know LA a little.  It was wonderful.  Couldn't have wanted a better last week with him.  Then he had to go.  And I got sad.

After I dropped him off, I had a few minutes drive before I had to meet my co-worker at Target to begin the 'necessity' shopping, things for the apartment that you HAVE to have.  Towels, silverware, toilet paper, etc.  During that 15 minute drive or so I really got to get a good cry out, reprocess things about where I was, what I was about to start doing with my life and how Rex will still be a huge part of it, even though he's not right at my side.  As sad as I was and still am, I know we'll be ok.  He has reassured me of that many times, and I believe him.  

This weekend has been full of shopping and organizing.  I have furniture, some at least. Waiting til tomorrow to get a bed, for now I'm on an air mattress.  I'll take that over the floor!  Last night I was taken out by two of my friends and their significant others for an amazing night out in LA.  We had drinks at this chic bar that is at the Santa Monica Airport, we had the drinks on the roof so we got to watch the sun set and see the planes come in...very cool.  After that we went to this great place called Primitivo, a tapas restaurant/wine bistro.  AMAZING!  I can't even explain the deliciousness of this food, and I could eat almost everything there!  That doesn't happen often!

Tonight they are showing me downtown, cannot wait.  We are going to one of their friends going away parties and then out to eat and out for drinks after.  Should be a great time.  Tomorrow is just setting up the apartment more, maybe I should do some grocery shopping since I'm literally living off of: rice cakes and peanut butter, one leftover from last night that I am making into 3 meals, salsa with no chips, and two apples.  Yup, that's it.  As for next week, the training begins!  

Can't wait to see what's in store!  I swear to post more often, this week has been nothing but craziness!  Hope you're all well and happy, miss you! xoxo

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Kim said...

Glad all is going well. Sounds like you and Rex had a wonderful time. Take care of yourself and have fun!
Can't wait to read more about your exciting adventure! Have fun!

love, Kim