Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's been, a while.

Well first of all, I'm sorry for the lengthy hiatus.  I don't want to make excuses but work honestly had been crazy.  Crazy in a great way though!  Loving every minute of it, and making new friends (almost) every day.

A blog I posted some time ago about change reoccurred to me today.  As I was sitting here watching Sex and the City in my not-even-close-to-being-set-up apartment, getting ready to watch the actual movie (I'm just playing another round of catch up with the seasons), I realized that all of these feelings that I'm having about this huge change that I am waist deep in were completely normal.  Without shedding too much detail, there have been some ups, and definitely some downs in this last week or two with a BIG change in a BIG relationship of mine.  Funny, for those of you who know Sex and the City BIG is a phrase/name commonly used.  But for my big relationship it is with a different man, my main man.  Don't worry, things are fine.  It's figuring out how to actually maintain our relationship when it is so different from before, not just from when I was in the same city as him but also from when we did long distance before when we first started dating.  It's not the same.  Too much has been put into it, we're not heading to the same destination we were before.  

This summer, maybe even this year, I feel, will be one for changing, adjusting and reinventing.  Changing my/our minds about what we want and hoping those run parallel with each others wants, adjusting to this new city for myself and for us this new relationship we have, and reinventing our relationship too.  We can't have what we had before, not exactly.  And who knows, maybe what we can have will be even better.  We'll never know unless we try.

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