Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Being me again.

Right now I'm celebrating an (almost) Celtic win of the NBA Playoffs, watching the basketball game at a new friends apartment.  So much fun!  I met this whole crew about 3 weeks ago and have seen every game since with them, whether at their apartment or at a great little Irish pub called Sonny McLeans.  Wonderful!  They have been a revival for me, keeping me busy, letting me laugh ridiculously loud and letting me get a little tipsy and let loose when needed.  And trust me, it has been needed recently.  No worries, no drinking problem at all and have not been drinking a lot, just a glass of wine here and there watching a great basketball game every couple of days.  It has been miraculous!  

So I guess what I am saying is that I'm feeling like myself again.  Feeling like I'm ok, I'm totally great where I am, with who I am, and with where I'm going.  I'll keep you posted on any further advances in that area.  Hope you're all wonderful, miss you all! xoxo

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Swan Dwan said...

Swan! I just wanted to check in on you. It sounds like you're doing well. I know you'll be traveling soon if you aren't already. Been missing you madly! Break a leg babe!