Monday, June 23, 2008

So it begins...a new chapter.

Today was the first day of the Job that I didn't have my co-worker training me, her last day was on Friday, crazy!  The going away party for her was on Saturday, quite the fiesta.  And through all of it, it only made me want to stay at the Job for that many years longer.  I love it.  And the first day went really, really well.  Got a lot accomplished and definitely feel ready to take on the job solo.

This week I'm taking off on my whirlwind summer of travel for the Job.  I'll be flying back into Little Rock this Thursday and staying until Sunday.  Cannot wait to see all of my friends there!  Obviously there will be some things hard and not so easy about being there and seeing a certain someone but, for better or worse, it needs to be done.

After LR I'll be heading east for a week and a half.  I'll be in Martha's Vineyard for a bit, then heading back to LA for about a week and a half where my mom will be visiting!  Yay!  I am so excited for her to come and see my new life out here.  After LA it's back east again for a while.  At the end of July I will be flying home to Madison for my birthday, so excited!  I get to be there for 4.5 days, so great.  Then it's  back to LA where I have quite a few very close friends coming to visit from the good ol' south for a couple of weeks.  Yay visitors!  And then it's back out east again for the rest of August.  So as you can see, I'm going to be busy, to say the least haha.  Please forgive me if you don't see a ton of posts, I'll try my best!  I miss you all, lots of kisses and hugs, xoxo

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klindsey said...

I'm still so proud of you and happy you're doing so well. I'm sure all of the changes will be for the good in the long run. I REALLY would love to see you while you're here! Email me!